LINK Marketing Studio is a comprehensive, integrated digital marketing, design and consultancy firm based in Dallas, TX. Our top management consists of highly experienced and qualified marketing professionals having years of specialized marketing experience in different sectors.

Our company has provided marketing services to a growing list of highly satisfied clients, a majority of whom are market leaders in their sectors. We take special pride in our skills of providing viable and successful marketing strategies and analysis to clients. By partnering with our firm, you can unload your marketing burden. Our work has demonstrated significant achievements in business growth and brand development, and has garnered lasting results.
LINK Marketing Studio has over 10 years of combined experience in designing unique marketing solutions to help clients achieve their business goals. We understand what successful marketing looks like and what it takes to achieve results.


Meet the Talents

Meet the Team

Ndaa Hassan

Founder & President
I build momentum and create communities thriving with conversations inspired by creativity, intuitive thoughts and innovative solutions.

Mouyyad Abdulhadi

Creative Director
I find connections between the unrelated. I tell stories through creativity. I build ideas.
Omar Abdalla

Omar Abdalla

Director Of Accounts
Business process design expert. International traveler. Life enthusiast.
Manal Abdulhadi

Manal Abdulhadi

Administrative Assistant

Aspires to connect with others and improve the human condition through exceptional writing, music, and coffee